Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Immortal Wood

While driving down one of our many country roads (yes, that was an intentional hint for upcoming blog) I realized how amazing woodworking is in what it does.

Woodworking takes the body of a living organism that has lived for up to hundred or even thousands of years then takes those remnants and transforms them into to something beautiful that can last another lifetime. We take this material and open it up for the entire world to see the beauty that was trapped inside. May times this beauty comes from the stresses that that tree experienced while it was growing, the high figure of maple is believed to be related to stresses as the tree reacted to wind or other external forces. Burls on many species of word are basically warts that infect the outer layer of
the tree.

 If you look back at some of the most beautiful pieces of woodworking across the ages, they all have one thing in common. The displayed the natural beauty of the wood, either with highly figured veneers or excellent selection of grain patterns. The art of woodworking entails many things, but one of the most visible is the ability to help something else express the beauty that was hidden within.

Do we do this in other aspects of our lives? Do we take as much care to help someone express the beautiful soul that hidden within them. As a husband and father, it is my job to help my family express that inner beauty to the world. Give your family a safe space to show that side of them. Help them
through those stressful times of life, that stress builds inner strength and
beauty that will show later in life.

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