Wednesday, July 9, 2014


As I thought about what to title this blog, one title that I like was "Wisdom of Woodshp" but I had second thoughts about it. I could never promise to be wise or sage like in every post. I'm just a common guy who loves to get covered in fresh saw dust. I hope to pass on some of the lessons I've learned from my family and a few that I had to learn the hard way.

Let me tell a little be more of my back ground. I'm am deeply rooted in woodworking, My Great Grandfather Alexander Mooresfeilder, my Grandfathers, Sylvester McNabb, Ralph Walker and Walter Thompson, my Father Gary McNabb and my Brother Adrian McNabb. Each has had the call of the woodshop at one degree or another.

I like to think that I am carring on a family tradition and in the process live up to the expectations of those who came before me. I was blessed to be able to spend many hours in my Grandfather Sylvester's shop up in Glenburn, ND. I learned so much in that shop, both about woodworking and life. I'm not sure he understood how much of an influence he had on me.

My Grandfather Ralph was also a major influence in my life. I get my sence of Honor and Duty from him. He was veterian of WWII and Korea. He tinkered in the shop but it was his strength and loyality that impressed me.

My Grandfather Walt, well in actuality was my step-grandfather, He was one of the most loving, accepting men I have ever known. He welcomed me to a new family like I had been a part of it from birth. He loved his small shop and would put out all mannor of projects.

Each one of these men had a significant impact in my life and each taught principles that guide me  to still today.  My hope is that you will take the time to have a positive impact in a childs life. You can make a difference, you may never see it but that seed will still be there.

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