Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Student Art Show

I was out with my wife this weekend walking through the mall late on a Sunday afternoon. She was actually the one who spotted the sign, Art Show, back in one of the corners. I almost didn’t go down the hall, but she sort of nudged me a little.

Turns out it was a Student Honors Art Program from the local High Schools. I was amazed at their work. They had done an outstanding job with setting up the exhibit which featured both 3D work as well as various styles of 2D and photography. The young lady sitting the gallery did an excellent job of guiding us through the gallery and she was very knowledgeable of all the artists and their work.

It is heartening to know that some of our local schools districts have committed to having a great Art program. You may ask why this interests me; why not push an Industrial Arts program. I actually am pushing for both programs. Sam Maloof for example, one of our modern woodworking masters, was   heavily involved in the Arts community. His work touched not only woodworker but other artists. He was also an avid collector of art in many forms. I firmly believe that woodworking is a marriage between Art and Industry. Art guides our design and vision while Industry guides our technical skills and execution in  bringing our vision to reality.

I want to take a moment to thank those teachers out there who put their hearts and time into these programs. They enrich us all with effort they put forth. Does your local school system have a good arts program? Did you know that kids who have access to the arts perform better in Math, English, and

The sad part is I don’t think my own school district has this level of commitment. I will be reaching out them in the very near future to see how I can help. I challenge everyone to become involved. You will find out that working with young people can be very rewarding. Plant some seeds and watch what blossoms.

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