Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pencil Problems

Those of you who have known for a while may recall that I have love/hate relationship with a certain item in my shop, my pencil. While my shop was in its former location, they would get upset with me and disappear at an alarming rate. Now this was not totally unjustified by them, I would often blame
them for my errors; cuts too short, cuts too long, mortise in the wrong location, you get the picture. I would blame the pencil when it reality it was my own inexperience or inattention to detail. I would curse at them, slam them on the table and just generally treat them unfairly. As result, they would hide from me at every opportunity. I would set one down on the bench and turn away for a moment and it would be gone. If I added it up, I must have brought over 200 pencils into that shop. When I moved the shop, not a single one was found.

Now that the shop is mostly moved, I have resolved to stop blaming my pencils. I see now that I was wrong in blaming them from someone else’s errors. I have found the true culprit for the errors, my tape

In truth, the lesson here is simple. In our haste, aggravation and inattention, we often take out our frustrations on the ones around us who do nothing more than support us in our endeavors. Perhaps today is a good day to thank that significant other who puts up with our antics, and let them know we really do appreciate their suppor

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